Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sony Announced Latest NWZ-E350 Walkman

Sony's just announced a latest E-Series Walkman, the E350. Available in blue, red or black, these bad boys come in both 4GB and 8GB varieties. Simple players, they proffer up to 50 hours of music playback, and up to ten hours of video, and hold a variety of formats. additional than that -- well, there's not much more than that. If you can't wait to get your hands on one, well you'll have to wait until next month, but it will cost you $70 for the 4GB and $80 for the 8GB version once available at Sony Style.

Rumor: AppleTV Renamed iTV, Will Have Apps but No 1080p Playback video

According to an Engadget basis—the same one that said the next AppleTV would be a $99 unit with iPhone guts—Apple's next TV device will be rebranded iTV. And it will have apps, but it won't play 1080p video.
That final bit has apparently been a point of contention for Apple, but apparently the new unit's internals—reportedly an A4 CPU and 16GB of flash storage, can't quite handle 1080p or 1080i playback. The basis says that the iTV will bring apps to televisions, though there's still no information on how that will work, or if it will be able to run apps designed for the iPad or iPhone.
While the idea of apps on the TV seems like a grand get through in (d)evolution of the Couch Potato, it'd certainly be a bummer if Apple's new push into the living room couldn't play our biggest and best files. And I still want amazing like this.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BlackBerry curve 3G (9300) is officially BlackBerry 6 ready

The cart left the gate on Thursday and here comes the horse: the official BlackBery Curve 3G (model 9300) statement just landed in our inbox. So in addition to generous (800/850)/1900/2100MHz or 900/1700/2100MHz HSDPA data, quad-band GSM, WiFi, and GPS, we now know that if you buy this BlackBerry 5 device today you can improve to BlackBerry 6 "in the coming months." Assuming your carrier can get its act together, of course. Show full PR text

Saturday, August 07, 2010

AmpliTube iRig Coming shortly to iPad!

If you are a guitar player or simply like to relax by playing some tunes in the console of your house, IK Multimedia has some good news for you.
IK Multimedia just exposed that its AmpliTube iRig adapter is shipping, and will be available for iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone users. Now, you will get a chance to jack your guitar or bass directly into your iDevice and access many special things.
The new iRig interface will allow you to plug your guitar or bass directly into the headphone/microphone input jack on your iDevice. From there, you can play anyplace with real effects and amplifier tones, just like a traditional guitar or bass stage rig.

The iRig Adapter Features

  • ¼” jack mono instruments input with Hi-Z impedance adapter – suitable for guitars, bass, synthesizers, mixing consoles.
  • 1/8″ mini-jack stereo output can be linked to headphones, amplifiers, powered speakers.
  • Companionable with iPad, iPhone 3G/3GS/4, iPod Touch 2nd and 3rd generation.
  • Ultra-low latency (down to 128 samples) for real time playing with AmpliTube
  • Feedback termination and noise filter available in AmpliTube

As of now, the AmpliTube app is only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. In the app, your signal chain can consist of up to 3 concurrent stompbox effects plus amplifier, cabinet and microphone, all reconfigurable with the touch of a finger. You can also decide from 11 stompbox effects.
The following video shows a demo of the AmpliTube iPad app. The iPad app is estimated to be available very soon. Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Motorola Glam makes Android 2.1, plenty of ritz to South Korea

Yes, it may look like the Dell Aero when peeking it head-on, but Motorola's Glam is appropriate to be far more complicated that the self-proclaimed "world's lightest Android phone." Launched today over in South Korea, this Android 2.1-based handset (which we toyed with previous in the year when it was known as the XT800) boasts a 3.7-inch capacitive multitouch panel (854 x 480), dual LED flash, a 5 megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB 2.0 connectivity, an HDMI socket, 1GB of NAND Flash, 512MB of SDRAM, an 8GB microSD card, inbuilt GPS and maintain for a multitude of multimedia formats. Mum's the word on a price, but it be supposed to be shuffling over to SK Telecom -- high heels and all -- by the end of August.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

iPhone 4 jailbreak enables FaceTime video calling more 3G

We had really already hacked up a 3G FaceTime video call using an iPhone 4 and a MiFi, but now that Apple's newest handset has been jailbroken, you can toss the extra hardware, you just need a little Cydia app called My3G, which lets you run WiFi apps over 3G. FaceTime video quality appears to be unchanged, but from what we have seen the framerates experience depending on your connection attractive much what you'd expect to get when running a video flow optimized for high-bandwidth connections on a smaller pipe. Still, it is right away the best reason to jailbreak your phone check a video after the break. See the below video:

New iMacs Core i3 review

There is nothing externally different about the new iMacs Apple just released last Tuesday, but the hardware beneath that familiar aluminum chassis has gotten faster -- particularly on the low end, where a new 3.06GHz Intel Core i3 processor and separate ATI Radeon HD 4670 graphics chip have in use over for the previous gen's 3.06GHz Core 2 Duo and included NVIDIA GeForce 9400m. That's a big boost Apple claim the new version is some 50 percent faster -- and so we really turned down the hot-rod 27-inch 2.93GHz Core i7 iMac in favor of a stock $1,199 21.5-inch Core i3 when it came time to pick up a review unit. We required to see just how much bang Apple's delivering for the entry-level buck, and we weren't frustrated when the tests came back.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

All eyes on RIM in smartphone face-off

Analysts say, Tuesday’s announcement is critical for company’s long-term achievement.



Tuesday is the day for Research in Motion – as in “do or die” day – say technology analysts, who consider the Waterloo, Ont.-based BlackBerry maker needs to fight back against lost smartphone market share to Apple and Google. While detail are scarce, RIM and U.S. carrier AT and T have called a news conference in New York City for Tuesday. It’s believed they will unveil the long-rumoured BlackBerry Bold 9800, their first “slider-style” smartphone that not only has a touchscreen but a glide-out QWERTY keyboard for messaging.
According to MobileCity Online, a web store that is already taking preorders for the smartphone, the Bold 9800 will feature a 3.2-inch HVGA display, 512 MB of RAM, 4 GB of onboard storage, A-GPS, Wi-Fi 802.11n and a camera/camcorder. Cyberspace is also abuzz about the opportunity of RIM unveiling an iPad-like tablet that would run on its BlackBerry 6 OS, as well. In fact, the company has already registered the domain name called

RIM is also expected to show off App World 2.0, a redesigned online store with enhanced navigation and additional bells and whistles. Levy said Apple and Google’s Android platform are “gaining fast,” with mutual operating systems that account for almost half of all smartphones sold in Canada and the U.S.
RIM’s share of the smartphone market cut down from 55 per cent in early 2009 to roughly 41 per cent in the first quarter of 2010, according to leading technology market research firm Gartner Inc. By comparison, the BlackBerry App World has only about 7,000 apps – plus, they’re usually more expensive than the iPhone and Android contributions, and more difficult to sift through.
Levy said Tuesday’s declaration is “critical.”
He said, “It’s difficult to understate just how critical this launch is to the very survival of the company”.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Samsung reveal WiFi-enabled ST80 camera, swiveling-lens HMX-E10 pocket camcorder

Camera releases are rather by-the-numbers thing with so many special variations being released by numerous companies throughout the year. Samsung's pair here does have some fascinating standout features, but one at a time. The 14.2 megapixel ST80 point-and-shoot boasts WiFi capabilities for email / direct upload of images (DLNA supported, to boot). It's also got 3x optical zoom, 3-inch WQVGA touchscreen, 720p 30fps H.264 video recording, and Sammy's "Smart Crop" quality for taking angled shots and "straightening them up" . 

This one's outstanding out September 2010 for a penny under $250. Then there is the HMX-E10 pocket camcorder with an impressive 270-degree swiveling lens and 1920 x 1080 30p H.264 HD video recording. That touchscreen you see is a 2.7-inch LCD, the lens has 2x digital zoom, connectivity is HDMI and USB and also used for charging, and release details are September as well, for $199.99.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Apple Helps Police Track Stolen iPhone Fast

Now a days, Apple Makes easy to catch the stolen phones. A man accused of swiping an Apple iPhone out of a woman's hand in San Francisco may have been shaken when police found him only nine minutes later. It turns out the phone had been tracking his every move. See the below video:

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Nokia Kinetic model exposed in prototype form

Impressed by Jeremy Innes-Hopkins Nokia Kinetic idea the other day? Then take a high-quality look at the image above. This is the actual prototype of the device, which unfortunately doesn't power on (or have anything to power on), but it look extraordinarily like the previous renders we have seen, and gives us a far better idea of the scale of the device. In case you missed it, the real clip of the concept is an electromagnet in the phone's base that allows it to stand up on reminder, and be flipped down to release an action, like an alarm or a video call. We also know that now Innes-Hopkins worked on the project at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in London under the guidance of former Nokia Senior Designer Silas Grant, who was responsible for many of Nokia's first-class phones like the 8800 Scirocco. Beat up the gallery below for a closer look.

Update: Just to be real clear. This is not an actual Nokia theory, but a project completed by Innes-Hopkins for his final year at university -- so don't get your hopes up about it ever going into manufacture.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

8 GB Viewsonic multimedia player under £60

Portable media players are always pleasant for people who are continuously on the move and such people there is Viewsonic VPD400 8GB multimedia player!
The player boasts of the following

  • 4.3” screen at 800 x 480 resolution
  • 8 GB internal memory with microSD card slot
  • Size measures 113 x 74 x 14mm Dimensions
  • hours of normal playback
  • It can play videos at 720p around 30 mins battery life.

In this player comes with headphones, USB cable and remote. The player is estimated to support these formats: JPEG, BMP, GIF, PNG for pictures, MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC for music and AVI, RM, RMVB, FLV, MOV for videos.

Price: £59.94

Monday, July 19, 2010

Blackbox i10 earphones makes Noise-cancelling for fanboys

Blackbox has announced the appearance of its i10 earphones, which are specially designed for Apple's mobile devices. slightly than using the 3.5mm headphone jack, these buds plug into your iPad / iPhone / iPod's 30-pin dock connection in a move that Blackbox claims as a UK first. It states that the reason for doing this is to "develop the device’s sound quality and provide a clear and authentic listening experience through active noise rejection equipment".

This device noise reduction measures up to 92 per cent (22dB) with a reactive noise isolation of up to 30dB (1kHz).The earphone comes with a slide volume checker and you will get three different sized in-ear buds.
This Blackbox i10s is available now and it cost is £79.99.

Methods to Activate iPhone Without Original SIM Card

Sherif Hashim as the guy who brought the iOS 4 baseband unlocking for iPhone users. Now Hashim is back with provide another trick that will allow users to activate their iPhone 3G/3GS or even iPhone 4 without having SIM card to actually use.
The Following six minute video embedded below will take you through the entire process. Please make a note of that if you are trying this on your iPhone 4, you will still need to trim your original SIM card to the micro-SIM size in order to complete the process.

Friday, July 16, 2010

SKY IM-A650S Vega: Newest Smartphone on the Market Releases by Pantech

On July 15, 2010, Korean electronics industrialized company Pantech released their android phone in the smartphone market, Pantech SKY IM-A650S Vega. This release marks the latest available smartphone in the rising market. This Sky Vega runs on Android 2.1 OS(Operating System) with 3D identified interface as well as a 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon mainframe. The Vega offers a 3.7 inch touchscreen AMOLED display with a 480 X 800 pixel resolution, a 115.95 x 59.4 x 10.95 (mm) screen, 5 megapixel camera with video recording 720p HD video format, 500 mb of internal memory, a slot for microSD/microSDHC card, 3.5 mm headphone jack, T-DMB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. It can be used as a portable media player, which means it can play DivX and Xvid video system. The phone will be offered through SK Telecom.

For what Reasons to buy Pantech's Vega:

1. Multiple Colors
Usually, people say smartphones look boring and massive, but Vega is different.
SKY, the maker of the phone, provides their customers with a variety of colors. First there is the white and black color, and then there are other colors to select from such as pink and gold brown.

2. User friendly phone
Pantech's Vega is compact size as well as lightweight which also provides a solid grip unlike other smartphones. The weight of the Vega is only 114 grams, while Samsung's Galaxy S weights 121 grams and Apple's iPhone 4 weighs 137 grams.

3. Everything and anything is possible
Pantech's Vega optimizes all the features of Google as well as many other applications. It maximizes the use of all of their applications and features a capacitive multitouch screen

4. Usable & Comfortable
Pantech's Vega provides it's users with a computer-like internet environment with the Flash engine aspects. At the side of the Vega, there is a hardware key, which allows it's users to Google search with their influence.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apple get an Online Mapping Company

Apple owns an online mapping company called Poly9 almost without anyone knowing it. Poly9 offered a 3D globe that companies could put on their websites for a fee. Even though the Poly9 globe can be seen on customer’s websites, the service has been discontinued.
Similar to Google Earth, the Poly9 globe was built on JavaScript and that means the technology might be compatible with Apple’s recent evangelism of HTML5. Right now, there isn’t any confirmation from either Apple or Poly9, but the website has been unchanged, as well as, the Twitter feed, some are saying that is sign enough there have been changes.
Other sources are saying the main offices have been closed and just about every single employee has moved to California’s Silicon Valley, where Apple is located. This is actually the second purchase by Apple, of a geo-technology site. Last year Apple purchased Place base, which is also an online mapping service.
Picking up a couple of these sites will no doubt give Apple a boost against Google and Microsoft, who have been making their own investments in mapping and location based services. Apple has also been ramping up its data center capacity so they can offer more robust online services and web applications.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Philips Fidelio DS9000 iPod dock available now

If you've overstuffed your iPod chock full of high-quality audio files, then you want the best dock to make the most of them. Philips is hopeful audiophile level sound from its Fildelio DS9000 dock and it doesn't look too grungy to walking boot. No cost has been out of danger in production, with the cabinet constructed using veneer lamentation techniques usually reserved for high-end furniture. The result is a rounded shape to cut out internal reflections and stiff construction that reduces unnecessary vibrations.
It can strike straight into the iPod or iPhone's digital feed and Philips' Pure Digital sound processing technology produces a much higher signal-to-noise ratio without any distortions compared to analog. There's even a tradition iPhone app for modificate the sound.
Now the DS9000 is available for just £399.99.


Thursday, July 08, 2010

Methods to Install Flash on your jailbroken iPad

We just saw Flash 10.1 ported to the iPad established in video form by Comex, and now you can get in on the action too, as long as your iPad is jailbroken. It is called Flash, and while the plugin is still pretty early and does not do video playback yet, you can absolutely play games and other animations right now, and we're told video support is forthcoming. Full instruction we are provided:

1. First Confirm your iPad is jailbroken. It is pretty easy, just run Spirit and you are done.
2. Download Flash.deb and keep it close.
3. Choose how you are going to get files onto your iPad. For Mac users, it is dead simple -- just install Netatalk, which will manually pop up your iPad in the Finder's Sharing list. But Windows users can try out this guide at iClarified to get OpenSSH installed and running and use WinSCP -- it's just as easy.
4. Once you have got access to the iPad's filesystem, navigate to /var/root/Media as shown here:
5. Previously there, open Media and create a folder called "Cydia."

6. Then Open the new Cydia folder and create another new folder called "Auto Install"
7. Upload Flash to that new folder.
8. Restart your iPad a couple of times.
9. You are set! Now just navigate to a page in Safari with non-video Flash content and knock the F logo to play it.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

iPhone 4G got troubles from a Mathematical Erroneous formula

iPhone 4G is again set in the first page. Some consumers complained about poor signal quality of the iPhone 4G. Apple has come to step out of the analysis against the signal problems of new mobile iPhone 4G and, on this time, pointed out that the low coverage is due to “an erroneous formula” useful to signal strength. In a statement of the company says the apple he was “amazed” by this discovery, which will attempt to resolve through the recommendations of the U.S. Telecommunications Company AT & T.
Our formula, in many cases, it incorrectly shows two bars of power more than they should for a existing signal of iPhone 4G. For example, occasionally shows four bars when it should display only two, says Apple. Conversely, the company said that if users are not ‘fully satisfied’ with the new iPhone 4G device, they can return the damaged iPhone 4 at any Apple store, also in the on-line, and recover the payment if within 30 days after purchase.
A large number of users have previously reported two weeks ago to hold the iPhone 4G with his hand and seal the base left corner moved out coverage at times and was unable to receive phone calls. The supposed solution for iPhone 4G antenna problem was projected by the Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs, just hold it differently or buy a case. These statements motivated the response of a Club of lefties in the UK, expressed his disagreement with the policies of the company’s iPhone 4G.
Interestingly as Apple said, the announcement, these coverage problems also occur in earlier versions of the terminal: iPhone 1.0, 3G and 3G and now iPhone 4G, though it was not pending the arrival of this fourth manifestation of the terminal.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

iPad burst out past Android in usage share

According to the data collected by web metrics firm Net Applications, the iPad OS has bursted past Android in conditions of usage share in three months. The Collected data’s are,

• March 2010: Android: 0.07% | iPad: 0.00%
• April 2010: Android: 0.09% | iPad: 0.03%
• May 2010: Android: 0.11% | iPad: 0.09%
• June 2010: Android: 0.14% | iPad: 0.17%

Consider, this is a usage share, not market share, and since the Android platform has hugely outsold the iPad, this is a suggestion of how much browsing iPad owners do. As an iPad owner myself, I can give evidence to just how easy it is to while away the hours browsing on the thing.

Airtel and Vodafone Schedule to bring iPhone 4 to India in Sept. 2010

The news is confirmed. Airtel and Vodafone is planning to bring the innovative and much talked about and expected handset, Apple iPhone 4 in India in September 2010. Beside with the release of the Apple iPhone 4 in 88 countries, the release in India has been confirmed by Apple Inc. in September 2010.
For the Indian users, the options of carriers will be restricted to Airtel and Vodafone for the iPhone 4. The tariffs plans from these vendors are not known yet, and according to the news on the web, the iPhone 4 shall be priced at Rs.35,000/- for the 16 GB model, and Rs.40,000/- for the 32 GB model.
The iPhone 4 has a lot of fascinating and innovative features which are almost known to all by now. Especially Retina display technology, to the iMovie app, all the features are well appreciated by buyers. The FaceTime video calling option is a truly esteemed feature of the device.Although the iPhone 4 is priced above the cost favored by most Indian buyers, the Indian market does include the tech lovers who would love to hold the latest innovative device from the address of Apple. Only a few months left for the huge day!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Comparison of Motorola Droid X vs iPhone 4

The newly released iPhone 4 is having some troubles in the press at the moment and may face some resistance from the new Droid X. If Apple do not resolve these iPhone 4 problems, unsure likely customers may move over to Motorola’s new Droid X as their communication device of option. There are some similarities and differences to think. This includes the operating system iOS 4.0 from Apple and the alternating Android 2.1, complete with Moto blur from Motorola. Apple’s iOS4 is a proprietary operating system, and only allows software that is first accepted by Apple, and made available from Apple’s online store. In the meantime, however, Android is an open source platform, and allows developers to freely develop new software and plug-ins for the operating system.
The memory from the iPhone is 512MB in the Droid X. The iPhone 4 weights 4.8 ounces, while the Droid X is 5.4 ounces.The iPhone keyboard is onscreen. The Droid X also utilize an onscreen keyboard, but also takes gain of SWYPE technology. Mostly, SWYPE allow users to drag their finger across the screen, touching all of the letters that fit in in a particular word, without lifting their finger. This device then automatically detects the word that the user was “swyping.”
On-board storage has iPhone as an easy winner with a choice of either 16GB or 32GB, even as its rival only offers one option of 8GB. The Droid X, though, comes with a 16GB MicroSD card built-in, bumping its default storage capacity to 24GB. Storage hungry users can also upgrade the microSD card, making the DroidX capable of conduct more overall data storage than the iPhone4.
Screen size gives the iPhone 3.5 inches, and 4.3 inches from the Droid, clearly making the Droid X a better choice for users that need lots of screen real estate. The Screen resolution, however, is far better from the iPhone 4 with 640 x 960 pixels, compared to 480 x 854 pixels. Compare to cameras, the iPhone 4 offers a 5MP camera with LED flash, at the same time Droid X offers an 8MP camera with a dual LED flash. The iPhone 4 offers a touch-to-focus feature, while the Droid X repeatedly focuses on human faces.Both phones have inspiring specs and features. but, the iPhone 4’s recent trouble is it will be interesting to see how many consumers opt for the Droid X vs the iPhone 4.

Friday, June 25, 2010

On iPhone 4 Day, Microsoft Opens Apple’s Store in California

June 24th is the mega opening of the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley Mall in San Diego, California. The San Diego store marks Microsoft’s fourth venture into the retail space and opens later this morning at 10 a.m. PST.The Microsoft Store is just yards out from the Apple Store. Which means it’s challenging for attention with the especially long line of people hoping to get their hands on the new iPhone 4g.
The grand opening function has been deeply promoted on local radio stations and will feature a presentation by Demi Lovato this coming Saturday, June 26. In an exertion to draw a crowd, Microsoft is giving tickets to a meet and greet with Demi Lovato to the first 100 people in line today. The first 1,000 people having “VIP treatment” for Saturday’s show.Microsoft Store workers are also raffling off electronic devices like the Microsoft Zune, the new Flip camera, miscellaneous laptops and gadgets, and giving away gift cards.

I stopped to take photos and videos to the store opening of the crowd, as well as capture the Apple versus Microsoft commotion. It doesn’t hurt the Microsoft staffs are using megaphones to go down out the noise from a few doors down.In the video below I spoke with Nicole Barnhart, over my iPhone 4 has been in the Microsoft Store line since 12:00 a.m. PST. She said me that she was approximately the 50th person in line and that the majority of the crowd is waiting to get their hands on the Demi Lovato tickets.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How To utilize Google Voice On iPhone 4

Google opened up Google Voice to every person nowadays. While there is still no dedicated application for the iPhone, don't let that stop you. Here's how to use Google Voice with the iPhone 4 as follows:
First remember the big message between Apple, AT&T and Google over the Google Voice iPhone app through the summer of 2009? The FCC doesn’t make any real decisions between Apple, AT&T and Google, but that doesn't mean Google has been sitting around waiting for the FCC to make up its mind. In starting of this year January, Google launched a new version of the Google Voice application that Apple doesn’t able to approve (or disapprove). Why? Because it is used from the iPhone's browser. Since it workings in Safari, which means it will work from the iPhone 4 too.

The HTML5-powered Web app will let iPhone users access Google Voice without the need for a third-party application. The new Web application will work on iPhones using OS 3.0 and up. In this version of Google Voice will also work with Palm's web OS devices. The Google Voice disaster extended last year when Apple first accepted a Google Voice application from Google and then later pulled it. Many of they believed that it was pulled from the iPhone Apps Store at the request of AT&T. Google Voice lets users make cheaper long-distance calls and forward calls to several other numbers. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission opened an inquiry of sorts and asked all the companies involved for an explanation of why the application was removed. The results of that investigation have still not yet been exposed, 10 months later.
If you Want to use Google Voice with your iPhone 3G, 3GS or your iPhone 4? Visit in your mobile browser.The Web-based app certainly doesn't work as well as the more fully-featured Google Voice for Android application, but it gets the fundamentals done in a pinch. Google says, "For fast access to the most significant features like 'Dialer', 'Compose SMS', 'Inbox' or 'Contacts,' you can easily add shortcuts to your iPhone home screen or Palm Launcher. So cheap calls and messaging will be just a one touch away. "

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nokia’s N8 equivalent for iPhone

In this week at a press eventin Singapore, Nokia showcased the touch-screen device N8, for the first time in the constituency. In This N8 was first announced on April 27 and will hit store shelve in the third quarter, according to the Finnish handset maker, the world’s biggest producer by shipments. What will help Nokia preserve its governing position in an increasingly competitive smartphone market?

It can be use a pick-me-up: previously this week it warned that this quarter’s earnings will be lower than expected, blaming stiffer struggle with cell phone rivals.There has been a hurry of new device announcements in latest weeks. Nokia has follows Apple’s iPhone 4, Samsung’s Galaxy S and Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X10.
Nokia is banking on the N8’s inspiring to make a scratch in the Smartphone market.

It prides a 12-megapixel camera and high-definition video, and will also offer streaming TV services. A Nokia presenter said that Symbian 3, an proficient version of the company’s operating system, it has a long heritage with its users and supports multiple languages, which is significant in Asian markets. In this N8 is estimated to sell for 370 Euros ($459.23).

Whether it makes a depression in the iPhone’s momentum is an open question — the Apple device expected more than 600,000 preorders shortly after its launch.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Apple making history Again in sales: US and UK website crashes

Apple has reported awesome demand for its new iPhone 4 model, it sold more than 600,000 in a single day on Tuesday which saw ordering websites collapse in the US and UK. By similarity, when the iPhone 3GS went on sale last year. At that time I just were sold in its first three days. But that opened in eight countries, while the iPhone 4 has gone on sale only in five.

The launch of the iPhone 4 is still one more week yet, but Apple and AT & T has been busy with orders for this iPhone 4. customers can order from the Apple or AT & T websites, but it seems countless will be disappointed that only the black iPhone 4 that can be booked for June 24. Apple and AT & T Website has been heavy traffic because of many consumers who want to become the first for this iPhone 4. The one of Apple resellers blame AT & T website that is not ready to provide the high demand.

While everybody was busy with bookings the iPhone 4, Apple announced the Mac Mini with the newest hardware updates like as SD card slot, the faster Core 2 Duo processor and a removable base coat for memory upgrades this morning. Apple has apologised to people who tried to order the phone and gave up in irritation, saying demand was distant higher than it expected. And finally they announced "We hope that they will try again, once the iPhone 4 is in stockpile."

In UK, where Apple is present the phone without a agreement through its online store, Apple's website crashed as people tried to order it. And in the US, where it is only available with a contract from AT&T, the phone company's website freeze as it tried to handle. Last year in UK O2 had limited rights to sell the new iPhone, but more number of handsets were sold in the first two hours of trading than all handsets in an average day

Monday, June 14, 2010

Vodafone published the door with iPhone 4 UK price

Vodafone may have become the initial network to published the iPhone 4 UK price.A dedicated iPhone site gone live stating that users, they can be able to get the new 16GB iPhone 4 for £189 on the lowest 18 or 24 month deals.But if you have a 32GB alternate then the price shoots up to £280, again on the year and a half or two year deals, according to PC Pro, which saw the site before it was taken down.
Whenever, we are spoken to Vodafone, and it confirmed that there is still no official statement regarding to the iPhone 4 UK prices.This announcement is backed up by the official Twitter feed, which one stated: "This was a test website so nothing yet to be complete or announced. The Official information will be released very soon!
The costs announced would mirror the same tariffs as last year, so we believe there may be a small amount of truth in there, even though we are still intrigued to know the official iPhone 4 UK price on pay as you go.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Walmart Ready to selling iPhone4 on June 24th

CNET and BGR has reporting Walmart they plan to added their name to retailers of selling the iPhone 4 on 24th June . We all know that when Apple launches a product it gets demented. Its easy to get iPhone 4 on June 14th. If you desire to being part of the craziness that day then you have Walmart who expect you to use the night at the door. This announcement by RadioShack.
Walmart said, Friday that it will be one of some retail outlets who will have the iPhone 4 on June 24, its first day of availability in anywhere. 

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Apple finally cracked video-calling for Apple iPhone 4Gs

Has Apple again done it? The company has a track record of taking much-maligned or under-used technology and refreshing its fortunes may have just made mobile videoconferencing the Next Big Thing. The new iPhone 4, revealed on Monday in San Francisco, has much more impressive new features, but the critical one could be video-calling. In this device has two cameras, one mounted on the back and one on the front and allowing iPhone 4 users to make video calls to one different over a Wi-Fi network.
The video clip showed a soldier in Afghanistan by using his iPhone 4 to watch his wife having a sonogram thousands of miles away. It showed two deaf friends communicate in signal language using their iPhones. At the end, delegates were teary-eyed and clapping loudly. The plan of video calling, is not anything new, some phones had video chat capabilities for a decade or more. But only some people use it outside a single, new video phone call, put off by the poor quality.
Apple’s new-look iPhone, makes with its manufacturing steel-and-glass design and better battery life, can succeed where countless others have failed. and make video-calling is the hot new way of staying and touch with friends.The redefined user experience Phil Schiller says, Apple's senior vice-president of worldwide product marketing. The latest iPhone is extremely powerful and you really see that with Face Time. The iPhone4 has a screen that's four times the resolution of the display on compare with iPhone 3GS.
And also we have prepared it easy to use. You don't want to set anything up, just choose Face Time and you're directly linked to that person.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Windows Phone 7 and Google’s Android OS Compete with Apple’s iPhone Platform

Google's Android operating system and Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 have been recognized as the main competitors to Apple's iPhone, who have been stressed to attain the excitement of Apple's celebrated in the market.The basic idea of Google is introducing mobile phones is that mobile devices are slowly increasing as the most instant and common means of connecting to the web, which accounts to the Company's lake of income.
The Google’s Handset association comprises as many as 70 software, silicon and handset vendors. In this way of carriers had released the open source Android smartphone software platform in November 2007. The Android smartphones completed in 2008, Within three years of the launch of Android's beginning, smartphones running the new OS, outdid the iPhones in sales in the United States during the first quarter, this year.
Mr. Gartner said, Android's marketplace share has surged 9.6% in the first quarter of 2010, from 1.6% in the first quarter of 2009.The application developers of Microsoft have been impressed with UI. They always appreciating the qualities in early code and initial versions of the developer tools.

Thursday, June 03, 2010

We Expect more from the Apple’s new iPhone 4G

Latest design: While Use the iPhone as a phone and it is not get grand reception. iPhone 3G and 3GS smooth, curved plastic back. The iPhone 4G appears to have flat back, most expected made from glass, with an aluminium border roughly the outside.
Better resolution with Smaller screen: Comparing to Gizmodo, the screen is slightly slighter than on the iPhone 3GS, but the display itself appears to be advanced resolution. The current iPhone 3GS display having 480x320 pixel resolution, while the iPhone 4G is rumoured to present a 960x640 resolution – four times the quality of the present display.
Recovered battery: Battery life has been lengthy a bone of conflict with the iPhone – many users find fault to give the device a booster charge during the day. This trouble could be resolve with the iPhone 4G and features a battery 16 per cent larger than the one found in the iPhone 3GS. Which will be crucial for one of the most talked-about original features.
Multitasking: The iPhone 4G will run the new iPhone operating system, iPhone OS 4 (same as iPhone 3G and 3GS users, and owners of the most recent models of the iPod touch). The main key features of the new software is multitasking. The capacity to run multiple apps at the same time and switch easily among them. It's a feature that Apple fans have been hopeless for since the iPhone was first launched. Google's Android operating system, have previously got this purpose. After that you will be able to listen to your playlists while instant-messaging a friend.
More storage: Apple is estimated to fetch the storage capacity of its iPhones in to line with the iPod touch range. That means we might see a 64GB iPhone 4G make its introduction. Users wish to store more films and TV shows. An additional aspects of iPhone OS 4 is the capability to collapse apps in to folders, that means users can be able to store up to 2,160 apps on their iPhone.
Better camera: The iPhone 4G will be a better camera, comparing to Gizmodo. The real facing lens is much bigger than on previous models and some speculating that the iPhone 4G could boast a five-megapixel camera with a flash for capturing pictures in low light. The iPhone 4G might support high-definition video recording, of a quality related to the Flip HD. advance interested of the SDK also reveals the possibility for video conferencing on the iPhone, possibly using Apple's iChat program and a front-facing camera.
A different kind of SIM: Rumours recommends that the iPhone, like the iPad, will be released a microSIM, slightly than the standard-sized normal SIM card used by mobile phones.
Wireless synching: This is possibly the least likely new feature. It means the data need to be backed up across the home Wi-Fi network. New songs, photos and movies to be transferred from the device without the help of USB cable. Microsoft already provides wireless synching on its Zune music player.

    Tuesday, June 01, 2010

    Alberta high school planned to use iPhone, iPod Touch

    A Junior high school in St. Albert, Alta., canada plans to allow its students to stay plugged in when they school will be open in September. Richard S. Fowler Catholic Junior High School will agree to students to use their iPhones or iPod Touches in the classroom.It's a remarkable change from the school's existing no cellphone policy.Vice-principal of the school Mr.Sean Brown, said the school has changed its policy because the school believes the Apple products can be used to teach students.We can use them for hi-tech reasons in the learning area.
    And Brown said, Students will not be permitted to use the phone or texting parts of their devices.Instead they can use applications on the products, surf the internet throughout the school's Wi-Fi network and interactively commune with their teachers.
    The school's network will restrict some internet sites,such as Facebook.The school plans to buy 30 iPod Touches for students who can't pay for the devices or whose parents desire not to buy one.

    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    Apple overtakes Microsoft as the world's leading technology company

    Apple, the proud inventor of iPods, iPhones and iPads, the world's most valuable technology company based on market value on Wednesday .
    On Wednesday market value of maker of ipod shares get higher by 1.8 percent, a value of $227.1 billion. At the time Shares of Microsoft company a market capitalization of $226.3 billion. Once before Apple had recorded a high share price than Microsoft in the year December 19th 1989. Apple's shares are 10 times high than what it was 10 years ago. Good recognition to it's products such as iPhone and iPads. But Microsoft still leads Apple in sales. In the latest quarter, Microsoft reported $14.5 billion in revenue compared with Apple's $13.5 billion.
    The Microsoft's operating system runs on World's personal computers. They have not been able to equivalent the growth rates and their stocks went down by 20 percent.

    Tuesday, May 25, 2010

    iSP130,iSP150, and iSP170 ipod Compact Speakers

    The gigantic stereo system is out; compacted iPod-compatible speakers are inside. Three new options that are planned for portability and high-quality sound, although being free of cable clutter.

    iSP130 is a Mini Clip Speaker. This is targeted at laptop owners, this USB-powered speaker includes a built-in hanging clip for mounting. You can pick up the iSP130 for $19.99
    iSP150 is a Portable Speaker Bar. If your transferable device has a normal 3.5mm audio jack, look to this compacted solution. It can sketch control from a USB connection or four AAA batteries. You can pick up the iSP150 for $34.99
    iSP170 is a Cube Speaker. In this device powered through a USB connection and are it meant for laptop owners. They recommend built-in volume control. You can pick up iSP170 for $39.99.

    Friday, May 21, 2010

    A subject of philosophy : Google v Apple

    In this two companies used to be best partners. One CEO was even on the board of the other firm. But now a days Google appears to be sneering at Apple almost every day. The motive is simple - after days when they had very special ambitions, the two are now challenging on the same position. With machine, Google has previously made a land-grab for leadership in the smartphone business, yesterday it made clear its ambitions to advance on Apple's digital music and video territory.

    Google TV is a somewhat hazy plan to combine television and the web, which will see Google grant the software and likes Sony and Logitech make hardware. In music, Google plans to initiate one of the deficiencies of machine phones, the trickiness of getting easy admission to your digital music album, which is still much easier with an iPhone. It's beginning an Android music store in the darken, with an easy choice to sync your music wirelessly to your phone.

    Google is determined to paint a picture of itself as the friendly, open huge which just wants to help content owners and users meet each other to the profit of all. Apple's idea is that for most consumers, ease of use is the top priority, and they're happy to hand over some control to the company if that's going to make the products easier to use. So far, that strategy seems to be working with sales of the locked-down iPhone and iPad booming. But Google believes it can draw a far bigger crowd.

    Thursday, May 06, 2010

    iPhone Top Device Downloading

    iPhone and iPod Touch users download entertainment content and applications than users of Internet-connected game consoles and Blu-ray players. 75% of users of the Apple devices download software, music, video, games, and other Web content compared to 19% of game console users and 17% of Blu-ray disk player owners, the NPD Group found in a survey of Americans released Tuesday. generally, 16% of people age 13 and elder are using devices other than their home computers to download Web content.
    "Music now competes with games and other apps for share of device, share of wallet, and share of time," Crupnick said. "Entertainment companies need to start to think of apps in broader terms, not only as a way of garnering direct sales from downloads, but also as a pathway to paying for additional entertainment content." For example, an application that reviews movies could also be used to sell DVDs, Blu-ray disks, or movie downloads. NPD's America survey was based on responses from more than 10,350 U.S. consumers age 13 or older.

    "It is not shocking that Apple users are ahead of others when it comes to downloading Web-based content, given the breadth of the company's app catalog and the head start iTunes had selling music for the iPod. As Internet-connected devices become added common place and the number of online request stores increases. Really in February, ABI reported that the Apple iPhone misplaced market share in the fourth quarter of 2009, as smartphone rivals Motorola and Nokia gained share. Among iPhone and iPod Touch users who download content, free applications from Apple's App Store are the most popular download category, followed by games and music. Among game- relieve users, game add-ons were the most fashionable category, followed by entire games and movie rentals. Movies were the most popular download among the third of Blu-ray player users who linked their devices to the Internet.

    Friday, April 30, 2010

    iPhone 4G comes soon: Release Date June 22nd

    I need to revise my forecast on when I trust the generation of the iPhone..It has been liberated that Apple reserved the Yerba Center in San Francisco for a discussion. The date set for Apple to occupy The Yerba Center is June 22, 2010. I believe that on June 7th, day 1 of WWDC, Steve Jobs will take the stage and announce the new iPhone 4G to the world. This will be a big announcement for Apple as they are already experiencing record world-wide sales from the current versions of the iPhone.The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is the premier technical conference for developers innovating with Apple technologies.

    Over 1,000 Apple engineers will be at Moscone West to present advanced coding and development techniques that will show you how to enhance the capabilities of your applications with the revolutionary technologies in iPhone OS and Mac OS, according to Apple’s website.

    Few features of iPhone 4G:
    • Consolidated Mailbox .
    • New wallpaper/background options.
    • A new, sleeker body design.
    • OLED screen.
    • Multi-Tasking.
    • iChat camera (on the front so you can have video chat!!!).
    • 32G (basic) and 64G of memory.

    • Removable Battery.
    • Hi Definition Camera.
    • Hi Definition audio.
    • Messaging light.
    • True GPS built in

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    iPhone’s New App: Windows Live Messenger

    Today we can entirely show the first official screenshots of Windows Live Messenger for iPhone.  Apple has lot in stock up for their iPhone, first Opera Mobile gets certified which helps improve the web browsers knowledge and now even Microsoft has handed iPhone its fashionable windows messenger appl to Apple. In  this  app for those with a broad social network for friends, family and business colleagues.  Now, Microsoft is busy working on the Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system. At this time  owners of iPhone and iPod Touch devices create third party multiple-login-at-once apps to conn ect with their Windows Live contacts.

    Some classic MSN features are:
    • Chat and social stream for users
    • Photo sharing
    Release date has not been exposed yet, May be July. But its released after releasing Windows Live Wave 4 suite.