Saturday, April 29, 2006

Collet chuck

A collet is a sleeve with a cylindrical inside and a conical outside. The collet has kerf cuts along its length to allow it to expand and contract. A threaded section at the rear of the collet is used to pull it into a matching conical socket. As the collet is pulled into the socket, the collet will contract - gripping the contents of the inner cylinder. Collets are most commonly found on milling machines, lathes, wood routers, and precision grinders. Collets can also be obtained to fit Morse or Brown and Sharpe taper sockets.

Typically collets offer far higher levels of precision and accuracy than self-centering chucks, and have a far shorter setting up time than independent-jaw chucks. The penalty is that most collets can only accommodate a single size of workpiece. An exception is ER collets which typically have a working range of 1mm. Air cylinders or collet chucks are made to hold cylindrical work, but are available to hold square, hexagonal or octagonal work pieces.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Distiller Water Filters

Water distillers use electricity to heat tap water to boiling point. Generally the Impurities are left in the container and the purified contents go back to a clean container. They need a higher level of efficiency or Water purifiers and cannot give immediate supply, because the boiling process must be over before water is present. There are a number of reports in that distilled water is not fit for health because it takes away nutrients from the body, being the most 'unnatural' of water.

Ionized Water Filters are generally filtered using an acid and an alkaline. They run between the positive and the negative ends of the electrodes and get the charged and acidic water. They are formed using 70% alkaline water and 30% Acid water. Alkaline and Acidic waters have unusual properties and benefits, but anyway their respective uses could not be more different.

Back flush Water Filters are costlier compared to charcoal filter units, but justify this by their claims of longevity. They are highly durable and efficient.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Casio digital piano

Prerecording tools like m-audio keyboard monitors, casio digital piano, and computer sound cards, recorder and audio interface. All these pro recording tools have unique features, channel mixer analogue, digital stereo effects, analog mixers, and digital effects. One pro recording tool, Alesis MultiMix 8USB Mixer with USB Audio has features of 3band EQ per channel, analogue mixer with USB, rack mount ears available.There is also the advantage of shopping by brand like multitrack recorders, Edirol, M-Audio, Casio Privia piano, Presonus and many more. All these brands have their own unique features and affordability factors. Gigasonic has a range of keyboards and MIDI tools in different packages. Firewire audio interface, Digital Pianos, synthesizers and accessories are also included.