Monday, July 30, 2007

Wireless Application Protocol

WAP is an open global standard for application that uses wireless communication. Its main application is to allow access to the internet from a mobile phone or PDA.

A WAP browser is to grant all of the fundamental services of a computer based web browser but cut down to function within the limits of a mobile phone. WAP is now the protocol used for the mainstream of the world's mobile internet sites, known as WAP sites. Presently the Japanese i-mode system is the only other major competing wireless data protocol.

Mobile internet sites, or WAP sites, are websites written in, or vigorously transformed to, WML (Wireless Markup Language) and accessed via the WAP browser.

Before the introduction of WAP, service providers had enormously restricted opportunities to offer interactive data services.

Monday, July 23, 2007


The term "conception" commonly refers to fertilization, but is sometimes defined as implantation or even "the point at which human life begins," and is thus a subject of semantic arguments about the beginning of pregnancy, within the abortion deliberate. Gastrulating is the point in development when the implanted blast cyst develops three germ layers, the endoderm, the exoderm and the mesoderm. It is at this point that the inherited code of the father becomes fully occupied in the development of the embryo. Until this point in development, twinning is probable. Additionally, interspecies hybrids which have no chance of growth survive until gastrulation. However this stance is not entirely necessary since human developmental biology literature refers to the "concepts" and the medical literature refers to the "products of conception" as the post-implantation embryo and its surrounding membranes. The term "conception" is not generally used in scientific literature because of its variable definition and suggestion.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Seedless fruits

Seedlessness is a significant feature of some fruits of commerce. Marketable cultivars of bananas and pineapples are examples of seedless fruits. Some cultivars of citrus fruits especially navel oranges and mandarin oranges, table grapes, grapefruit, and watermelons are appreciated for their seedlessness. In some type, seedlessness is the result of parthenocarpy, where fruits set without fertilization. Parthenocarpic fruit set may or may not need pollination. Most seedless citrus fruits need a pollination stimulus; bananas and pineapples do not. Seedlessness in table grapes consequences from the abortion of the embryonic plant that is fashioned by fertilization, an occurrence known as stenospermocarpy which requires normal pollination and fertilization.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


In the Maori language, waka are Maori watercraft, usually canoes. Similar craft are encounter in Polynesia, with connected names such as vaka. Waka range is from small, lightweight canoes, such as waka tiwai used for fishing individuals, during very large waka taua, manned by up to eighty paddlers and up to fourty mtrs in length, large double-hulled canoes for oceanic voyaging.

Many waka are single-hulled vessels locate from hollowed tree trunks. Small waka consist of an only piece as large waka typically consist of some pieces jointed and lashed together. Some waka, mainly in the Chatham Islands, were not usual canoes but were constructed from raupo stalks. Ocean waka, Paddled could be in any size, but were usually propelled by sail. Waka taua are paddled to put across their mana.

Small efficient waka are commonly plain and simple. Superior canoes waka taua in testing are extremely carved. Waka taua are no longer used in fighting but frequently for official purposes.