Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Apple making history Again in sales: US and UK website crashes

Apple has reported awesome demand for its new iPhone 4 model, it sold more than 600,000 in a single day on Tuesday which saw ordering websites collapse in the US and UK. By similarity, when the iPhone 3GS went on sale last year. At that time I just were sold in its first three days. But that opened in eight countries, while the iPhone 4 has gone on sale only in five.

The launch of the iPhone 4 is still one more week yet, but Apple and AT & T has been busy with orders for this iPhone 4. customers can order from the Apple or AT & T websites, but it seems countless will be disappointed that only the black iPhone 4 that can be booked for June 24. Apple and AT & T Website has been heavy traffic because of many consumers who want to become the first for this iPhone 4. The one of Apple resellers blame AT & T website that is not ready to provide the high demand.

While everybody was busy with bookings the iPhone 4, Apple announced the Mac Mini with the newest hardware updates like as SD card slot, the faster Core 2 Duo processor and a removable base coat for memory upgrades this morning. Apple has apologised to people who tried to order the phone and gave up in irritation, saying demand was distant higher than it expected. And finally they announced "We hope that they will try again, once the iPhone 4 is in stockpile."

In UK, where Apple is present the phone without a agreement through its online store, Apple's website crashed as people tried to order it. And in the US, where it is only available with a contract from AT&T, the phone company's website freeze as it tried to handle. Last year in UK O2 had limited rights to sell the new iPhone, but more number of handsets were sold in the first two hours of trading than all handsets in an average day

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