Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Alberta high school planned to use iPhone, iPod Touch

A Junior high school in St. Albert, Alta., canada plans to allow its students to stay plugged in when they school will be open in September. Richard S. Fowler Catholic Junior High School will agree to students to use their iPhones or iPod Touches in the classroom.It's a remarkable change from the school's existing no cellphone policy.Vice-principal of the school Mr.Sean Brown, said the school has changed its policy because the school believes the Apple products can be used to teach students.We can use them for hi-tech reasons in the learning area.
And Brown said, Students will not be permitted to use the phone or texting parts of their devices.Instead they can use applications on the products, surf the internet throughout the school's Wi-Fi network and interactively commune with their teachers.
The school's network will restrict some internet sites,such as Facebook.The school plans to buy 30 iPod Touches for students who can't pay for the devices or whose parents desire not to buy one.

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