Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Apple finally cracked video-calling for Apple iPhone 4Gs

Has Apple again done it? The company has a track record of taking much-maligned or under-used technology and refreshing its fortunes may have just made mobile videoconferencing the Next Big Thing. The new iPhone 4, revealed on Monday in San Francisco, has much more impressive new features, but the critical one could be video-calling. In this device has two cameras, one mounted on the back and one on the front and allowing iPhone 4 users to make video calls to one different over a Wi-Fi network.
The video clip showed a soldier in Afghanistan by using his iPhone 4 to watch his wife having a sonogram thousands of miles away. It showed two deaf friends communicate in signal language using their iPhones. At the end, delegates were teary-eyed and clapping loudly. The plan of video calling, is not anything new, some phones had video chat capabilities for a decade or more. But only some people use it outside a single, new video phone call, put off by the poor quality.
Apple’s new-look iPhone, makes with its manufacturing steel-and-glass design and better battery life, can succeed where countless others have failed. and make video-calling is the hot new way of staying and touch with friends.The redefined user experience Phil Schiller says, Apple's senior vice-president of worldwide product marketing. The latest iPhone is extremely powerful and you really see that with Face Time. The iPhone4 has a screen that's four times the resolution of the display on compare with iPhone 3GS.
And also we have prepared it easy to use. You don't want to set anything up, just choose Face Time and you're directly linked to that person.

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