Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How To utilize Google Voice On iPhone 4

Google opened up Google Voice to every person nowadays. While there is still no dedicated application for the iPhone, don't let that stop you. Here's how to use Google Voice with the iPhone 4 as follows:
First remember the big message between Apple, AT&T and Google over the Google Voice iPhone app through the summer of 2009? The FCC doesn’t make any real decisions between Apple, AT&T and Google, but that doesn't mean Google has been sitting around waiting for the FCC to make up its mind. In starting of this year January, Google launched a new version of the Google Voice application that Apple doesn’t able to approve (or disapprove). Why? Because it is used from the iPhone's browser. Since it workings in Safari, which means it will work from the iPhone 4 too.

The HTML5-powered Web app will let iPhone users access Google Voice without the need for a third-party application. The new Web application will work on iPhones using OS 3.0 and up. In this version of Google Voice will also work with Palm's web OS devices. The Google Voice disaster extended last year when Apple first accepted a Google Voice application from Google and then later pulled it. Many of they believed that it was pulled from the iPhone Apps Store at the request of AT&T. Google Voice lets users make cheaper long-distance calls and forward calls to several other numbers. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission opened an inquiry of sorts and asked all the companies involved for an explanation of why the application was removed. The results of that investigation have still not yet been exposed, 10 months later.
If you Want to use Google Voice with your iPhone 3G, 3GS or your iPhone 4? Visit in your mobile browser.The Web-based app certainly doesn't work as well as the more fully-featured Google Voice for Android application, but it gets the fundamentals done in a pinch. Google says, "For fast access to the most significant features like 'Dialer', 'Compose SMS', 'Inbox' or 'Contacts,' you can easily add shortcuts to your iPhone home screen or Palm Launcher. So cheap calls and messaging will be just a one touch away. "

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