Thursday, June 03, 2010

We Expect more from the Apple’s new iPhone 4G

Latest design: While Use the iPhone as a phone and it is not get grand reception. iPhone 3G and 3GS smooth, curved plastic back. The iPhone 4G appears to have flat back, most expected made from glass, with an aluminium border roughly the outside.
Better resolution with Smaller screen: Comparing to Gizmodo, the screen is slightly slighter than on the iPhone 3GS, but the display itself appears to be advanced resolution. The current iPhone 3GS display having 480x320 pixel resolution, while the iPhone 4G is rumoured to present a 960x640 resolution – four times the quality of the present display.
Recovered battery: Battery life has been lengthy a bone of conflict with the iPhone – many users find fault to give the device a booster charge during the day. This trouble could be resolve with the iPhone 4G and features a battery 16 per cent larger than the one found in the iPhone 3GS. Which will be crucial for one of the most talked-about original features.
Multitasking: The iPhone 4G will run the new iPhone operating system, iPhone OS 4 (same as iPhone 3G and 3GS users, and owners of the most recent models of the iPod touch). The main key features of the new software is multitasking. The capacity to run multiple apps at the same time and switch easily among them. It's a feature that Apple fans have been hopeless for since the iPhone was first launched. Google's Android operating system, have previously got this purpose. After that you will be able to listen to your playlists while instant-messaging a friend.
More storage: Apple is estimated to fetch the storage capacity of its iPhones in to line with the iPod touch range. That means we might see a 64GB iPhone 4G make its introduction. Users wish to store more films and TV shows. An additional aspects of iPhone OS 4 is the capability to collapse apps in to folders, that means users can be able to store up to 2,160 apps on their iPhone.
Better camera: The iPhone 4G will be a better camera, comparing to Gizmodo. The real facing lens is much bigger than on previous models and some speculating that the iPhone 4G could boast a five-megapixel camera with a flash for capturing pictures in low light. The iPhone 4G might support high-definition video recording, of a quality related to the Flip HD. advance interested of the SDK also reveals the possibility for video conferencing on the iPhone, possibly using Apple's iChat program and a front-facing camera.
A different kind of SIM: Rumours recommends that the iPhone, like the iPad, will be released a microSIM, slightly than the standard-sized normal SIM card used by mobile phones.
Wireless synching: This is possibly the least likely new feature. It means the data need to be backed up across the home Wi-Fi network. New songs, photos and movies to be transferred from the device without the help of USB cable. Microsoft already provides wireless synching on its Zune music player.

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