Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Next iPhone 4G is Coming!!

Be Prepared? Release Expected Around June or July of 2010.
 Lots of speculation is available about on the latest iPhone 4g!!!
The latest iPhone 4g is going to be loaded with amazing new features like video chat, multi-tasking and excessive downloading. In This iPhone 4g could also contain dual interior processors and advanced and powerful graphic chips that can convey higher video resolutions and better still images while taking pictures.

Features of iPhone 4G:

  • OLED  display.
  • Multi- Tasking.( several functions at one time without going in and out of apps)
  • iChat camera
  • 63 G memory and 32G(Basic)
  • GPS built in
  • Hi clarity Camera.
  • Hi Definition Camcorder.
  • Hi sharpness audio
  • Removable Battery.


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mstealth said...

I am waiting for 4G which is very attractive and its features are very good.

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