Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit plays nice with keyboards, earphones

You’d imagine Apple’s iPad   Camera  Connection Kit would be locked down to only work with things like, you know, cameras and stuff. New information indicate that the Camera Connection Kit works well with other peripherals, like USB keyboards, USB headphones/headsets, and even USB microphones. The iPad’s Camera Connection Kit is basically an adapter that allows iPad users to link a camera to their Apple tablet via USB port and move images taken with a camera to the iPad’s Photo Gallery app. The photos are imported in the different of 3-megapixel resolutions. The iPhone, samples images to 800 x 600. 

Seeing as how the iPad already works with its the Apple iPad Keyboard Dock through the iPad’s dock connector, it makes sense that the camera adapter would work with other USB keyboards. At least you can that old USB keyboard out of the closet and put it to good use. It’s also good to see that the USB camera adapter is compatible with USB headphones, headsets and microphones. That opens the door to using your VoIP headset to make internet phone calls. And, if you use a USB headset with a digital signal processor to clean up the audio, call quality should be stellar. 

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Gullu said...

The iPad’s Camera Connection Kit is acts as adapter that allows us to connect a camera to their Apple tablet via USB port and move images , It is an excellant touch screen creation !!!

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