Thursday, April 08, 2010

How to fit Apple's iPad in your car Dashboard


For What purpose you desire to fit iPad into your car dashboard?  sometime your radio LED system too small,   maybe you just feel like to enjoy some multi touch entertainment on the go away.  whatsoever  your cause, this video helps to You!!! Here our selection is  Toyota car, although it looks like you can do in any car with a huge routing screen as long as you don't mind toring up your dash. The 3G edition of the  iPad is due out later on this month, with phone capacity and a GPS chip.

Doug Bernards  got a small innovative and decided to get an iPad fit in the dashboard of his car along with an Audison Bit One processor. After that he planned  to install a McIntosh 6 channel amp MCC406M, and a special iPod port to which signals can be received from  iPad and distributed to the BitOne via optical output.Finally the dashboard looks really excellent and it  is going to be exciting to identify the dashboard of the Toyota Tacoma.

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