Friday, April 30, 2010

iPhone 4G comes soon: Release Date June 22nd

I need to revise my forecast on when I trust the generation of the iPhone..It has been liberated that Apple reserved the Yerba Center in San Francisco for a discussion. The date set for Apple to occupy The Yerba Center is June 22, 2010. I believe that on June 7th, day 1 of WWDC, Steve Jobs will take the stage and announce the new iPhone 4G to the world. This will be a big announcement for Apple as they are already experiencing record world-wide sales from the current versions of the iPhone.The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is the premier technical conference for developers innovating with Apple technologies.

Over 1,000 Apple engineers will be at Moscone West to present advanced coding and development techniques that will show you how to enhance the capabilities of your applications with the revolutionary technologies in iPhone OS and Mac OS, according to Apple’s website.

Few features of iPhone 4G:
  • Consolidated Mailbox .
  • New wallpaper/background options.
  • A new, sleeker body design.
  • OLED screen.
  • Multi-Tasking.
  • iChat camera (on the front so you can have video chat!!!).
  • 32G (basic) and 64G of memory.

  • Removable Battery.
  • Hi Definition Camera.
  • Hi Definition audio.
  • Messaging light.
  • True GPS built in

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