Thursday, May 06, 2010

iPhone Top Device Downloading

iPhone and iPod Touch users download entertainment content and applications than users of Internet-connected game consoles and Blu-ray players. 75% of users of the Apple devices download software, music, video, games, and other Web content compared to 19% of game console users and 17% of Blu-ray disk player owners, the NPD Group found in a survey of Americans released Tuesday. generally, 16% of people age 13 and elder are using devices other than their home computers to download Web content.
"Music now competes with games and other apps for share of device, share of wallet, and share of time," Crupnick said. "Entertainment companies need to start to think of apps in broader terms, not only as a way of garnering direct sales from downloads, but also as a pathway to paying for additional entertainment content." For example, an application that reviews movies could also be used to sell DVDs, Blu-ray disks, or movie downloads. NPD's America survey was based on responses from more than 10,350 U.S. consumers age 13 or older.

"It is not shocking that Apple users are ahead of others when it comes to downloading Web-based content, given the breadth of the company's app catalog and the head start iTunes had selling music for the iPod. As Internet-connected devices become added common place and the number of online request stores increases. Really in February, ABI reported that the Apple iPhone misplaced market share in the fourth quarter of 2009, as smartphone rivals Motorola and Nokia gained share. Among iPhone and iPod Touch users who download content, free applications from Apple's App Store are the most popular download category, followed by games and music. Among game- relieve users, game add-ons were the most fashionable category, followed by entire games and movie rentals. Movies were the most popular download among the third of Blu-ray player users who linked their devices to the Internet.

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