Tuesday, May 25, 2010

iSP130,iSP150, and iSP170 ipod Compact Speakers

The gigantic stereo system is out; compacted iPod-compatible speakers are inside. Three new options that are planned for portability and high-quality sound, although being free of cable clutter.

iSP130 is a Mini Clip Speaker. This is targeted at laptop owners, this USB-powered speaker includes a built-in hanging clip for mounting. You can pick up the iSP130 for $19.99
iSP150 is a Portable Speaker Bar. If your transferable device has a normal 3.5mm audio jack, look to this compacted solution. It can sketch control from a USB connection or four AAA batteries. You can pick up the iSP150 for $34.99
iSP170 is a Cube Speaker. In this device powered through a USB connection and are it meant for laptop owners. They recommend built-in volume control. You can pick up iSP170 for $39.99.

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