Friday, May 21, 2010

A subject of philosophy : Google v Apple

In this two companies used to be best partners. One CEO was even on the board of the other firm. But now a days Google appears to be sneering at Apple almost every day. The motive is simple - after days when they had very special ambitions, the two are now challenging on the same position. With machine, Google has previously made a land-grab for leadership in the smartphone business, yesterday it made clear its ambitions to advance on Apple's digital music and video territory.

Google TV is a somewhat hazy plan to combine television and the web, which will see Google grant the software and likes Sony and Logitech make hardware. In music, Google plans to initiate one of the deficiencies of machine phones, the trickiness of getting easy admission to your digital music album, which is still much easier with an iPhone. It's beginning an Android music store in the darken, with an easy choice to sync your music wirelessly to your phone.

Google is determined to paint a picture of itself as the friendly, open huge which just wants to help content owners and users meet each other to the profit of all. Apple's idea is that for most consumers, ease of use is the top priority, and they're happy to hand over some control to the company if that's going to make the products easier to use. So far, that strategy seems to be working with sales of the locked-down iPhone and iPad booming. But Google believes it can draw a far bigger crowd.

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