Monday, April 19, 2010

Defects Of iPhone

As the iPhone is certainly powerful and easy to use, regrettably not each one can pay for its price tag.  As with any other electronic device, the price will drop as years pass. But with the growing cost of living, it remains a lavishness that many of us have to learn to live without.
 Short battery life
A lot of people have complained that the battery life of the iPhone is much shorter than it ideally should be alive. Consider all the technical features that it has, it's somewhat reasonable. But iPhone users are more interested in pragmatics: how often they'll get abandoned with a lifeless iPhone battery.
 Touch-screen damage
One of the main use of a touch-screen is that it's more convenient, and the drawbacks the screen easy to pick up smudges and scratches. So before you buying an iPhone, think about whether you can keep this safely.
No Enlargement slot
 8 GB is a lot of memory.But sometimes we cant get enough memory for storing new picture. At that time we have to deleting some old moments.

The iPhone 3G has Costing Rs 31,000,her also having  few drawbacks. The iphone's USP is that it includes an iPod with mobile phone and 3G while apart from this, the iPhone not allowed to use  FM radio and not allowed to send forwarding SMS.

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