Wednesday, April 21, 2010

iPod high decibels making deafness to young users, Prof:warned

Youth people who hear to iPods at full volume are subjecting their ears to the similar noise intensity as an aircraft taking off.  More than 90% of young people hear  to a own music player  sound cranked up to full volume.  headphones inserted into the ear canal make sound levels which can beat 120 intensity, it is  similar level to a jet leaving the runway, said by Peter M Rabinowitz, associate professor of medicine at the Yale school of medicine in the US.

British Medical Journal, Rabinowitz said MP3 players have become popular so quickly that doctors and scientists have been left behind by technology.  Our research shows 66% of own music player users are hearing   music at louder than 85 decibels, which according to the World Health Organisation, can cause permanent hearing damage over time," said the RNID's Em. As per statistics 16 percent of adults between the ages 16 to 70 in the US have impaired hearing.

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