Monday, July 12, 2010

Philips Fidelio DS9000 iPod dock available now

If you've overstuffed your iPod chock full of high-quality audio files, then you want the best dock to make the most of them. Philips is hopeful audiophile level sound from its Fildelio DS9000 dock and it doesn't look too grungy to walking boot. No cost has been out of danger in production, with the cabinet constructed using veneer lamentation techniques usually reserved for high-end furniture. The result is a rounded shape to cut out internal reflections and stiff construction that reduces unnecessary vibrations.
It can strike straight into the iPod or iPhone's digital feed and Philips' Pure Digital sound processing technology produces a much higher signal-to-noise ratio without any distortions compared to analog. There's even a tradition iPhone app for modificate the sound.
Now the DS9000 is available for just £399.99.


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