Thursday, July 01, 2010

iPad burst out past Android in usage share

According to the data collected by web metrics firm Net Applications, the iPad OS has bursted past Android in conditions of usage share in three months. The Collected data’s are,

• March 2010: Android: 0.07% | iPad: 0.00%
• April 2010: Android: 0.09% | iPad: 0.03%
• May 2010: Android: 0.11% | iPad: 0.09%
• June 2010: Android: 0.14% | iPad: 0.17%

Consider, this is a usage share, not market share, and since the Android platform has hugely outsold the iPad, this is a suggestion of how much browsing iPad owners do. As an iPad owner myself, I can give evidence to just how easy it is to while away the hours browsing on the thing.

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