Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The iPhone allows audio conferencing, call holding, call merging, caller ID, and integration with other cellular network features and iPhone functions. It only supports Voice dialing through third party applications and video calling is not supported at all.

The iPhone includes a visual voice mail (in some countries) feature allowing users to view a list of current voice mail messages on-screen without having to call into their voice mail. Unlike most other systems, messages can be listened to and deleted in a non-chronological order by choosing any message from an on-screen list. AT&T, O2, T-Mobile Germany, and Orange modified their voice mail infrastructure to accommodate this new feature designed by Apple.

A music ring tone feature was introduced in the United States on September 5, 2007. Users can create custom ring tones from songs purchased from the tunes Store for a small additional fee. The ring tones can be 3 to 30 seconds long from any part of a song, can fade in and out, pause from half a second to five seconds when looped, or loop continuously. All customizing can be done in tunes, and the synced ring tones can also be used for alarms. Custom ring tones can also be created using Apple's Garage Band software 4.1.1 or later (available only on Mac OS X) and third-party tools. Custom ring tones are not supported in some countries.

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