Tuesday, December 23, 2008


The layout of the music library is similar to that of an iPod or current Symbian S60 phones. The iPhone can sort its media library by songs, artists, albums, videos, play lists, genres, composers, pod casts, audio books, and compilations. Options are always presented alphabetically, except in play lists, which retain their order from tunes. The iPhone uses a large font that allows users to touch their selection. Users can rotate their device horizontally to access Cover Flow. Like on iTunes, it shows the different album covers in a scroll-through photo library. Scrolling is achieved by swiping a finger across the screen.

The iPhone supports gap less playback. Like the fifth generation iPods introduced in 2005, the iPhone can play video, allowing users to watch TV shows and films. Unlike other image-related content, video on the iPhone plays only in the landscape orientation, when the phone is turned sideways. Double tapping switches between wide-screen and full-screen video playback.

The iPhone allows users to purchase and download songs from the iTunes Store directly to their iPhone over Wi-Fi with the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store, and as of Mac world San Francisco 2009, over the cellular data network.

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