Friday, September 16, 2005


The line containing the magic number 22.5 makes sure that if I have a small bearingDelta to the oldestEnemy I go shortly past it and if the bearingDelta is large I go at least 22.5 degrees past it. This magic number was explained in that article I mentioned above as being half the distance the radar travels in one tick. It works, so I have accepted it. =) In the beginning of each round (id est; in the beginning of the run() method, before the while (true) loop) I register a RadarTurnCompleteCondition custom event which executes the following code: double sweepTurn = school.getRadarSweepTurn(radarDirection);setTurnRadarRight(sweepTurn);radarDirection = Math.sign(sweepTurn);
"school" being the school of Enemies. If you're even considering competing in Melee battles I guess you'll eventually end up with a collection like that anyway. This radar management works quite OK in Melee battle as far as I can judge and it isn't all that bad in OneOnOne battle either. Though you might want to experiment with drastically shrinking that magic number 22.5 when you have only one enemy. Marshmallow doesn't do that. It uses a completely different, and even simpler, management of the radar in OneOnOne situations.

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