Friday, September 16, 2005


Is Wiki under your radar?: "Blogs are not the only collaboration game in town, though. Recently, I decided to bone up on the concept of the Wiki, a collaborative environment that is gaining traction in corporations. In fact, your employees might already be Wiki-ing without your knowledge. Despite its whimsical name, the underhyped Wiki concept could become one of the more useful and easy-to-implement tools in your IT management arsenal."
Comment: Wikis are currently the tool I'm most excited about for sharing knowledge. Blogs are typically one person, one way...wikis are many people, many ways. Wikis are the most effective "knowledge garden" tool I've come across. I'm currently using wikis in several courses as a learner. They are excellent tools for collaboration, learning, and knowledge sharing. Blogs have certain limitations and appeal to people who are comfortable standing alone and voicing their thoughts (the two biggest resistance points for potential bloggers: 1. I don't have time, 2. I don't want everyone reading my work). Wikis appeal to a much larger the finished product is more group-based.

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