Thursday, October 23, 2008

Danny Way

He rode for Powell Peralta in the late 1980s. He was featured, with Bucky Lasek in very short segment in the Powell video "Public Domain." Soon after Way left Powell to ride for H-Street, and then rode for Blind from 1990-1991, but soon left to join the founder of H-Street to begin a new company called Plan B Skateboards. He is married to Kari Way and has two sons Ryden and Tavin Way.
Danny Way's father died when Danny was 8 months old. He went through a rough childhood with his mother working hard as a single parent. His mother re-married, and Danny Way gives credit to his step dad for his introduction to skating. Danny also played football and baseball, but quit for skateboarding. At age 15, Danny Way went through what he calls a "destructive era". He now loves to fish, as a way to get away from the world. He plays guitar, skates, and rides motorcycles with his boyss.

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