Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Medicine is the practice of maintain and restore human health in the course of the study, analysis, and handling of patients whose death it is the discipline ultimate concern to avoid. It has usually been regarded as both an art and a science: the term is derivative from the Latin ars medicina sense the art of healing. Whilst health science and biomedicine, clinical medicine, surgery and investigate are together the very basis of modern medicine, successful face-to-face relief of actual suffer resulting from disease and injury continue to require the indefinable application of human feeling and consideration, it is told as "bedside manner."

Central to medicine is the patient-physician link established when a person with a health anxiety seek a physician's aid; the 'medical encounter'. Other health professional also establish a connection with a patient and may do various intervention, e.g. nurses, radiographers and therapists.

As part of the medical meet, the healthcare provider requirements to:

  • Expand a relationship with the patient
  • Collect data like medical history, systems analysis, and physical test, investigations.
  • Examine and make that data
  • Develop a healing
  • Care of the patient consequently
  • Assess the improvement of treatment and alter the plan as needed.

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